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Spending a lot of time preparing workshops, retrospectives and brown papers?


We believe that good preparation is essential for a facilitator. The material that is used during these sessions plays an important role, because well-cared-for material helps to get more engagement from the participants.

In addition, we are convinced that in order to continue to inspire and engage participants, it is important to be able to regularly offer something new.


One is a bit more creative than the other, but we know from experience that a lot of time is spent on this preparation.

Whether it comes to coming up with and creating a workshop or retrospective format, or the tight lines of a number of brown papers. Time that may be at the expense of the content.


We are happy to help with that!

Order here easily and quickly your preprinted brown papers, workshop material, games and retrospective formats.

Ready-made, preprinted and cut to size, so that you can focus on the content!


Trainers pay attention:

Have the posters and canvases from your training kit printed on professional 280-gram woven polyester / cotton canvas, so that you can continue a number of training sessions without worry. Feel free to send a message to inquire about the possibilities!


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